Dazzle Camouflage

This is the first installement of a series about amazing things that no longer exist. Like dinosaurs, these phenomena were once breathtakingly cool but are now gone.

During World War I, before airplanes played an important role in warfare, warships were camouflaged in a mind-blowingly colorful style. We think of camouflage as a way to hide. However, during WWI, the goal of the camouflage was to make it impossible to clearly see the outlines of a ship. The result was that enemy gunners were unable to effectively estimate size, direction and speed. The techniques used resemble modern art from the 1950's, and these ships were gorgeous monuments of splashy color. After the war the ships were repainted. Few photos remain of dazzle camouflage (almost none in color). dazzle photo 1 · dazzle photo 2 · more information
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