One Step Towards Allah

In the vein of my previous article about how science only scratches the surface, Jonah Lehrer had a great article in the New Yorker:

Although scientific experiments are supposed to be reproducible, few people ever try to reproduce them. Even fewer succeed. It's as if the results fade away over time and stop being true.

My personal theory is that the intention of researchers affects their results -- when you go beyond your old boundaries to try something new, you help to create new outcomes. Ask anybody in a 12-step group: when you go out and take risks, do the unknown, all kinds of coincidences start to happen.

As John Elton Bembry put it "if you take one step toward Allah, Allah takes two steps toward you".

Note: I believe in the phenomenon without believing in Allah.

It's not surprising that exciting new experiments give different results than experiments that are done for confirmation, that don't give rise to passion.

Lehrer's is a fantastic article and goes well beyond what I've written here.
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