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Medical Professionals Tell All

Someone asks: Medical professionals of Reddit, have you ever had a patient so lacking in common sense you wondered how they made it this far. If so, what is your story?

16,000 people answer.

It's obviously really easy to make fun of some of these people — a surprising number of people don't unwrap suppositories before using them.

But what I appreciated about the responses was how they made me think about the times when I myself doubt medical professionals.

I could quite easily make that list of stupid people someday, just because I think I know better, or because I "understand the logic" of the treatment and do it my own way.

Just an example: the maximum dose of paracetamol is 4 grams for an adult.

My brain says: that must mean that it's safe for a little old grandma who weighs 40kg. I weigh 115kg, so I can easily take twice that much with no danger!

The Reddit answers have helped me to calm that urge and just do what I'm told.

Source: Reddit
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